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Group Life

Mondays starting at 8 pm

Tuesdays at 7:30 pm


More Information

We believe that church is much more than a service you attend once a week - church is 24/7! So here at Oasis we have groups with the purpose and goal of supporting you through life's ups and downs. Our Monday night group meets over zoom with the goal of supporting obedience to scripture as well as pursuing Christ's invitation to make disciples of all nations. 

Our Tuesday group also meets on Zoom and loves a deep theological discussion and will often do "Part 2" of the Saturday's group discussion. This is definitely for those who want to go deeper and enjoy a robust discussion. 

On Thursday's our church hosts Vive Cafe. Vive Cafe is a community project lead by ADRA which aims to provide a warm friendly place to share a meal, groceries and good conversation for FREE!

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